Advanced application analysis and optimisation, specialised consulting

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Wordpress Website Analysis

Serversaurus engineers complete an overall analysis and update of your WordPress Installation. Including manual updates to WordPress core, plugins and themes, reviewing website security and removing vulnerabilities, analysis of website software to identify any issue (performance or other).
On completion, we generate a report outlining any issues identified and our recommended resolution path.

WordPress Optimisation consultation

Serversaurus engineers complete a comprehensive analysis of the performance and health of your WordPress installation. Including a before and after performance review which showcases the improvements made to your WordPress installation.

WordPress Management

Serversaurus engineers manage and maintain your WordPress Installation. Including WordPress core, plugin and theme updates, website restoration (if required), website security monitoring and vulnerability removal, performance reviews, PHP version compatibility check and updates, application support and 4 hourly backups.

Email Analysis and Security consultation

Serversaurus engineers analyze your email environment to identify security risks and causes for poor delivery success.
Consultation includes configuration of DMARC policy and 7 days of monitoring.

Email Analysis and Security consultation - Advanced

Serversaurus engineers manage the implementation of a strict DMARC policy to ensure complete control, visibility and security of your outgoing email traffic and improve delivery success and domain reputation.
Consultation includes configuration of SPF, DKIM and DMARC and a 4 week monitoring package.

Email Analysis and Security monitoring

Serversaurus engineers monitor your domains email activity and ensure emails are always compliant with the domains configured security policies.

Email migration services

Business hours priority engineer support to configure your domain and migrate your email history to your new mail service.